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1000 Miles Apart

A conference connecting post-secondary ceramics institutions across Canada through exhibitions, presentations, and artist demonstrations.
Grace Nickel
Grace Nickel3 months ago
Great conference at University of Regina last weekend. Thanks to all the students, faculty and staff who made it so successful. And a beautiful show too!
Trudy Golley
Trudy Golley4 months ago
A big thank-you to all of the students who hosted 1000 Miles Apart at the U of Regina this past week-end! Well done! And thanks to faculty and staff, I know they had a part in it too! We'll look forward to seeing everyone this time next year in Calgary at ACAD!
Danielle Corson
Danielle Corson4 months ago
Walk to the back of bushwakkers and down the stairs for the club room! See you all soon!๐Ÿป
Danielle Corson
Danielle Corson4 months ago
Bring us your work! We want to install!! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Danielle Corson
Brenda Watt
Brenda Watt4 months ago
Students: 1 Handmade Ceramic bowl or $20
Public: $50+1 Handmade Ceramic Bowl or $70
(note: during the conference you will receive a chili lunch and a bowl made by someone else)

Registration on Friday evening will be by the elevator as you first come in. After Friday, there will be a table in the ceramics classroom.
Brenda Watt
Brenda Watt4 months ago

Free Parking
Friday: Kramar Boulevard
Saturday: Kramar Boulevard or check campus parking lot 2

Visitor Parking:
Campus parking lot 2 or other locations as indicated on the campus map..

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